Home Plate Hope Project Donation Program

Thank you for inquiring about our 501(c)3 charitable program. We are excited to help

your organization raise the funds you need to operate successfully.

Home Plate Real Estate & Management agents are here to assist your referral clients

buy and sell homes in the Tucson and Phoenix markets. In working with our group of

professionals, your non-profit will benefit by receiving a check after each closing. Each

donation will vary based on the sales price of the home. Please see the table below for

payout specifics.

We look forward to working with you and helping your organization grow and reach it’s

fundraising goals.

Thank you,

The Home Team

Home Plate Real Estate & Management

Serving Tucson (and the surrounding areas) and Phoenix


Donation Payout Schedule

Sales Price                                | Donation Amount

$0 – $99,999.00                         | $200

$100,000.00 – $199,999.00    | $400

$200,000.00 – $299,999.00   | $600

$300,000.00 – $499,999.00   | $800

$500,000.00 +                           | $1000